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3 июля 2016


Category: Flash 18+, Lolicon, Hentai Video, 3D Video

[FLASH] 花子


花子 花子 花子 花子 花子 花子


Tags to an Article: Lolicon, incest, 3d, Grandfather fuck a granddaughter

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12 июля 2015

A Rural Clinic Ver1.2

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] A Rural Clinic Ver1.2

A Rural Clinic Ver1.2

Release: 2015/06/27

A Rural Clinic Ver1.2A Rural Clinic Ver1.2A Rural Clinic Ver1.2

Old "Doctor Toshio" runs a little clinic in the countryside where he can practice medicine his way with patients like naive young Miku.

He asks about her family while he makes her stroke his erect penis...
He f*cks her pretty mouth while asking how her vacation went...
She talks about her club and school events as he penetrates her, hips writhing.
Did you have your first kiss with that boy yet? he wonders...
... at the very moment he cums into her pure, hairless p*ssy.

* 11 chapters of story (10 + afterstory) *
Photorealistic 3D rendered visuals
Doctor x patient, Old man x young girl

Game format: Visual novel
Difficult: Low
(Linear story proceeds with some choices)

Other keywords: Young girl shame / Ordinary Conversation / Netori / Disgrace / Lolita / Vacuum Fellatio / Group sex

* Contents *
Over 45 minutes of animation
30,000+ character count of Japanese text

* Staff *
Planned and produced by Socrates.K
Collaboration by Poka Poka
Voice acting by Chiaki Kusa

Tags to an Article: lolicon, 3d, incest 3d, Father fucking daughter

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Сегодня, 17:24

Sana-chan's Exercise

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Sana-chan's Exercise

Sana-chan's Exercise

Release: 2016/08/05

Sana-chan's Exercise Sana-chan's Exercise Sana-chan's Exercise

When all eyes are on Sana's exposure her shame is platinum-level!

Sana-chan in various X-rated public sporting activities.

Tags to an Article: Lolicon

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Category: Flash 18+



Release: 2016/08/11








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23 августа 2016

Loan Girl 2

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Loan Girl 2

Loan Girl 2

Release: 2016/07/26

Loan Girl 2 Loan Girl 2 Loan Girl 2

A girl works part-time after school to pay her debt.
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22 августа 2016

Freestyle Basement Torture 2

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Freestyle Basement Torture 2

Freestyle Basement Torture 2

Release: 2016/07/23

Freestyle Basement Torture 2

Gruesome captivity x sex training simulation with realistic voice!

* Do as you please in a basement prison *

Use vibrators, aphrodisiacs, needles and sharp-edged implements
Cause puke spews and urethra gushes with enemas
Photograph, videotape and broadcast the sadistic torture

The neverending training - training for what? She's torn apart
then mended so it can happen all over again.
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20 августа 2016

[FLASH] Otouto Gui GROW

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Otouto Gui GROW

[FLASH] Otouto Gui GROW

Release: 2014/04/19

[FLASH] Otouto Gui GROW[FLASH] Otouto Gui GROW[FLASH] Otouto Gui GROW

Imokenbi proudly presents , the oneshota genre digital novel.
For more details please download the trial.


"He was always such a wimp, but little brother is becoming a man...
He's gotten bigger since I saw him last.
And he's more manly in the way he walks and talks.
I have to admit I'm turned on..."

Otouto Kui GROW marks the turning point in the development of the Kui series.
See the metamorphosis of a boy who was once his sister's plaything.


This product requires Adobe AIR to be installed ( ).
Please follow the above link and download and install the free software.
If Adobe AIR is installed "OtoutoGui_Grow.air" will be installed upon launch.
To uninstall please use the Control Panel.


Please enjoy the WMV format video file with your choice of supported player.
This product includes an internal player which can play back the video.


- Quality 3DCG animation with 15360 images
- 1280x720 widescreen HD format
- Sound effects & heavy breathing included
- Introducing full integration with Adobe Air
- A digital novel app with simple controls
- Easy-to-view WMV format movie included
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20 августа 2016

Lolicon Guy & Latchkey Girl

Category: Flash 18+, Lolicon

[FLASH] Lolicon Guy & Latchkey Girl

Lolicon Guy & Latchkey Girl
Release: 2014/04/18

Lolicon Guy & Latchkey GirlLolicon Guy & Latchkey GirlLolicon Guy & Latchkey Girl

"Natsuko Takamura" was her name.
She was always loitering by herself by the steps of the building where we both lived.
She seemed not to be good at making friends. I could relate.

"Maybe I can be friends with you, mister."

The words were like magic. Natsuko and I were friends now,
just by her arbitrary and naive choice. So simple. It's why I like young girls.
I invited her into my place to hang out for a while.

To enjoy some grown up friendship.

Girl fully voiced! (CV: Amane Shiina)
Looping voice included!
CG appreciation and scene replay modes included!
Bonus included!

Planning and scenario: Chuuta
Artwork: Momonga
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20 августа 2016

Full Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君に

Category: Flash 18+, SiteRip Collections

Full Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君に

Full Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君に

Full Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君にFull Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君にFull Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君に
Full Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君にFull Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君にFull Mega Flash Game Collections by 幼心の君に

35 Flash Games Inside

The P●dophilia~幼嬲り~ RJ025016
The SOS~涼○ハルヒの監禁~ RJ027043
The World~時よ止まれ、君は美しい~ RJ028220
The ETC~闇鍋~ RJ028890
The P○dophilia II~幼辱~ RJ029492
高機動戦闘少女ナギサ~天使の舞う宇宙~ RJ032266
The Lolit○ Rape~睡姦編~ RJ033615
The Microphilia~小さいことは良いことだ~ RJ035202
The Nekromantik~裏鍋~ RJ035495
The World II~地球が静止する日~ RJ036348

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20 августа 2016

Sugu to H.

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Sugu to H.

Sugu to H.

Release: 2014/03/07

Sugu to H.Sugu to H.Sugu to H.

"It is an unbelievable future--."

* 3D ecchi scenes with real time camera operation, cut-to shots, and effects filters.

* Choose effects like shakeycam, video camera style, lens flare, etc.

* Includes all the classic hentai pillars: onani, footjob, fellatio, titwank, classic sex, ekiben, doggy style, more!

* The female character is fully voiced.

* Based on the likeness of Suguh* Kirigay* of Sw*rd Art Onl*ne.

* Scale resolution freely to fit your monitor!

* Windows & Mac compatible!

* Bonus pre-set story and ecchi scene compilation; sit back and enjoy the 20 minute movie!
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20 августа 2016

[3D VIDEO] No Future

Category: Flash 18+, Hentai Video, 3D Video

[3D VIDEO] No Future

[3D VIDEO] No Future

Release: 2014/04/19

[3D VIDEO] No Future[3D VIDEO] No Future[3D VIDEO] No Future

"For the right amount of money we do anything. But I didn't think it would come to this!"

SPRECHCHOR presents its first "double heroine" sci-fi 3D animation.
Shackled aboard a spaceship, a beautiful mother and her daughter are ravished to orgasm.
Rendered from 54,000 frames with a runtime of 30 minutes, No Future is a copious gangbang feature!

I, Natsumi Kobayashi and my mother, Toko Kobayashi are freelance mercenaries called "No Future".
We took a top secret contracting job on a transport vessel. It looked like fun work at first. We just had to
chaperone some unknown cargo to its destination, but I clumsily bumped the cargo during loading
and woke up the creatures inside!

Trapped on a spaceship with nowhere to run, mother and daughter are gangr*ped and jizzed in an X-rated nightmare where no one can hear them scream!

Directed by Chibi Eguchi
Modeling by Mach Potato
Supervised by Akira Ninntai

Voiced by Ren Haruna, Kuwana Seiso

Presented by SPRECHCHOR
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20 августа 2016

[FLASH] Nanako Bathhouse 2

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Nanako Bathhouse 2

[FLASH] Nanako Bathhouse 2
Release: 2014/04/24

[FLASH] Nanako Bathhouse 2[FLASH] Nanako Bathhouse 2[FLASH] Nanako Bathhouse 2

Curvy cute and wicked-tongued futanari Nanako is back!!
[Full animation] [Full voice] [60 minute movie] [30 cumshots] [Anal] [Incest] [Mimizu (Worms)]
[12 scenes] [Song] [PE shorts / Bloomers] [Lingerie / Underwear] [Group sex] etc. all in!!
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20 августа 2016

Meikko 3D Kit - Expansion 2

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Meikko 3D Kit - Expansion 2

Meikko 3D Kit - Expansion 2

Release: 2014/02/02

Meikko 3D Kit - Expansion 2Meikko 3D Kit - Expansion 2Meikko 3D Kit - Expansion 2

I spent my brief summer holiday watching young girls in the park.
The park was a safe place without you-know-what incidents for six months.
In those six months I'd worked part-time at a distribution center nearby. I've become
withdrawn from society. It's time to do some you-know-what again.

Daiichi Jikkenshitsu presents...
Bonus DLC expansion for the robust animation novel game "Meikko 3D Kit" (RE113583)!
This expansion adds new events + bundled events and scenarios from "Meikko 4"
originally released in January 2011 - content you can ONLY get via this expansion on DLsite English!
Plus 601 new animated instances!
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20 августа 2016

Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-

Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-
Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-Osana na Jiri -Gimic Low Mizu-

Manga that plays like a movie! Full color full voice motion comic!
3x works (Loli + Clothes + Anal) erotic manga from popular creator Mizu.

-Ana no Toriko-
There's a rumor about a mysterious hole in the park toilet.
What's lurking inside? A ghost? A molester?
Curious little Momoko finds out.

-Sugar Spot-
Oniisan comes to tutor the little girl as usual.
But, today's not studying, it's maniac anal play...

-The Secret Truth-
Keisuke the anal fetishist has an embarrassing request for Miki.
She's freaked out, but if it's for Keisuke...

Triple pack of special titles!

* Cast (CV)
Jun Ooba / Yuina / Maachi Hazuki / Richi Yuzuki /
Tomoki Shimada / Yasuhara Tomono

* Customization
Toggle ON/OFF male voice, female voice, BGM
Hands free auto mode & movie looping manual mode built in
(Easy one-touch controls) (Space Key)
Other controls almost entirely keyboard controllable

Compatible with both Windows and Mac (OSX)
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20 августа 2016


Category: Flash 18+, Lolicon


Release: 2014/02/06







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20 августа 2016


Category: Flash 18+, Lolicon











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20 августа 2016

[FLASH] The Oniichan Bath House Advice Center...

Category: Flash 18+, Lolicon

[FLASH] The Oniichan Bath House Advice Center...

[FLASH] The Oniichan Bath House Advice Center...

Release: 2014/06/07

[FLASH] The Oniichan Bath House Advice Center...[FLASH] The Oniichan Bath House Advice Center...[FLASH] The Oniichan Bath House Advice Center...

Where little girls mix with older boys at the public baths, sexual lessons are learned.

* Fully voiced young girls
* Compatible with Windows XP SP3 and newer (Vista, 7, 8, etc.)
* 16 main CG events + variations
* All CGs are JPEG format
* Check out poses freely in "Pose Test Mode"
* View slideshow artwork in "CG Browse Mode"
* Save/load, text speed controls and auto features
* Full screen or windowed options
* 800x600 image size

Art by Anyanko
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20 августа 2016

[FLASH] Tifa's Shaking Ass (English Edition)

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Tifa's Shaking Ass (English Edition)

[FLASH] Tifa's Shaking Ass (English Edition)

Release: 2014/03/21

[FLASH] Tifa's Shaking Ass (English Edition)[FLASH] Tifa's Shaking Ass (English Edition)[FLASH] Tifa's Shaking Ass (English Edition)

It's finally complete!
Introducing the world's first "game where you hit that giant ass from the back all night!"
Revel in hip-deep dense sex with Tifa, voiced and animated.

* Passionate full booty gyrations and thrusts!
Crafted with dedication, hand-animated for realistic motion.
You'll think this was rotoscoped from actual sex.

* All sorts of situations!
There's blowjob, gooey facial, ass-on-phallus frotting, paizuri, anal, reverse cowgirl and more. 16 total varieties of sex play.
Satisfyingly performed by voice actress Kurumi Miru.

* Super easy interface!
Direct the whole production with just one click.
We've even built in some super-rare features...
Blow load after continuous cumload in Tifa's vagina in "Limit Break Mode".
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20 августа 2016

Shinkon Kozukuri Life With Lovey-Dove Elf

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Shinkon Kozukuri Life With Lovey-Dove Elf

Shinkon Kozukuri Life With Lovey-Dove Elf

Release: 2014/02/28

Shinkon Kozukuri Life With Lovey-Dove ElfShinkon Kozukuri Life With Lovey-Dove ElfShinkon Kozukuri Life With Lovey-Dove Elf

* Your hot, babymaking sex life with a beautiful silver-haired elf ... begins *

You were stranded in the mountain forest.
When your legs gave out,
you lost consciousness, and woke up on a bed
in a sequestered little room.

A young woman lay next to you.
She was a beautiful elf with silver hair
and flawlessly smooth skin.

"I can't risk other humans finding out
about this place, so you can never leave.
You're welcome to stay with me."

To save you she gave a part of her own life.

"If you want to repay me, put a new life inside me......"

So begins life together with your bride, the beautiful Yumina,
in a secret haven in the wild.
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6 августа 2016


Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] MRサクバス


Release: 2014/02/22


Ges playerなどで好きなシーンをリピート再生するのがおすすめ!
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